Iron Heritage Model T Pomade


Presentation: Comes in an aluminium tin. From the lettering to the overall design, it gives off a old school vibe. The labeling is very clean and simple. Upon opening the product you can see little shiny glitter like reflections in the pomade itself.

Scent: Personally I did not really like the scent all too much. However it doesn’t smell bad or anything. I really do think Iron Heritage hit the scent spot on for what they were going for. It had a really nice balance between the cigar and vanilla scent. After a few hours the scent sort of mellows out into a sweeter smell.

Application: Had no problem applying product into hair. Whether damp or dry, product went in smoothly. Very easy to rub against with in your hands. No resistance when applied to hair.

Shine: It has a very natural to low shine. The level of shine pretty much stayed very much the same until the end of the day.

Hold: Very good hold. Everything was slick and it stayed slick. Lasted throughout the day. I would say about 75% of the hold was still there by the end of the day. It is advertised as a medium hold product. Very good if you’re looking to do a sort of neat and tight style.

Restyability: Very easy to restyle, one of the great things about oil based pomades. Also along with that, I had great control too. Hair will go to wherever you want or comb it too. I could finger comb it without having my hands feel greasy.

Washability: Much to my surprise, basically all of the pomade washed out with just one shampoo.

Buildup: Since it washes out so easily there really isn’t much build up created from this pomade.

Conclusion: With Iron Hertiage’s use of carrier oils, it allows for the pomade to not feel greasy. Also the pomade didn’t feel too heavy while in my hair. Even though I’m not a fan of the scent, they were pretty accurate with what they were going for. Shine and hold lasts throughout much of the day. As I have said before, this pomade works great for slick backs or anything neat. I didn’t experience any stray hairs while styling. Not sure what it is about this pomade, but every time I use it my hair falls perfectly into place. It’s hard for me to achieve this while using other products or water based pomades. After washing the pomade out, my hair felt really nice and soft. So that’s another plus for me. For only $12 for a total of 4 ounces, this pomade is a must have!

You can find this product at Hedgelion. Great place to buy it from since it has free and fast delivery!

This honest and detailed review has been brought to you by Hedgelion and Iron Heritage.

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